Terms and Conditions for Teachers

These Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between JoinIvy Training and Technology Ltd and the Teachers who register at JoinIvy.com platform.

Definitions :

JoinIvy Training and Technology Ltd (henceforth called “JoinIvy”),a limited liability company registered in Egypt, has established an online teaching (also called tuition) platform. This platform enables Students to learn in real-time from Teachers over the Internet. JoinIvy has established an internet Site for the purpose: www.joinivy.com (also www.joinivy.me).

Students and Teachers enrol into JoinIvy platform using online registration form on the Site.

Students are users who learn on JoinIvy platform from Teachers.

Applicant is a Teacher who applies to be a member on JoinIvy platform. Applicants apply using the online Teacher Registration Form on the Site, providing the required information and documents for JoinIvy to consider their application. If JoinIvy accepts their application,Teachers become a registered member of JoinIvy platform. The roles and responsibilities of Teachers and JoinIvy towards this agreement are governed by the Terms and Conditions as detailed below.

1. Teacher On-Boarding Process

JoinIvy is committed to excellence in teaching. JoinIvy Teachers are passionate about teaching and are subject expert in their domain.

1.1. Applicant should provide all details and documents required by JoinIvy completely and accurately.

1.2. Applicant may be required to meet JoinIvy team as part of the selection process. The selection process may involve various steps, as decided by JoinIvy, such as face-to-face interview, assessment test, etc.

1.3. JoinIvy is committed to provide a safe and secure environment for both Teachers and Students. Applicant acknowledges and agrees that for student security, JoinIvy may conduct background check on the Applicant. This will be conducted while ensuring confidentiality and respect for the Applicant.

1.4. On satisfactory adherence to JoinIvy teacher on-boarding policy, Applicants will become members of JoinIvy platform, referred herein as Teachers.

1.5. JoinIvy will give extensive training to Teachers on all relevant parameters including, but not limited to: using JoinIvy technology platform, peculiarities of online teaching, preparing satisfactory content and lesson plan, etc.

1.6. Teachers work as a contractor to JoinIvy. There is no employment contract between Teachers and JoinIvy.

2. Scheduling and Conducting Online Classes

JoinIvy is committed to provide a smooth learning experience to the Student, which requires utmost punctuality and commitment from Teachers.

2.1. Teachers are required to inform JoinIvy about their teaching schedule on JoinIvy. They should inform day(s) of the week and time of day when they are available to teach on JoinIvy.

2.2. Based on various parameters, including the availability schedule provided by Teachers, JoinIvy will match teachers with students. Accordingly, Teachers will be notified about their teaching schedule. This notification will be available on JoinIvy Teacher Dashboard and may be sent over email to the Teacher. Teachers are responsible to check their scheduled classes and adhere to them punctually.

2.3. Teachers are required to conduct online class as per the schedule notified to them.

2.4. Teachers should be satisfactorily prepared with the content and lesson plan prior to starting the lesson. They should login into the Site at least 10 minutes before the scheduled class.

2.5. The lesson duration is decided by JoinIvy and conveyed to both Teachers and Students well in advance.

2.6. If a Teacher thinks that a particular lesson needs to be extended by a few minutes, he/she could do so and inform JoinIvy after the lesson. If a Teacher thinks that a particular student needs longer than typical class duration, he/she should inform JoinIvy, for us to coordinate with the students / parent and accordingly arrange the schedule and fee for future lessons.

3. Teacher Leave, Rescheduling Class, Class Cancellation, Buddy Teacher and Business Continuity

JoinIvy Teachers are expected to be sincere about adhering to their time commitment, and ensuring zero disruption to scheduled classes.

3.1. If a Student does not take a scheduled lesson, without any prior notification to JoinIvy, standard lesson fee is still deducted.

3.1. JoinIvy has a ‘Buddy Teacher’ system, where groups are formed of Teachers with similar abilities. The Buddy Teacher group may consist of up to 5 teachers. Teachers can also communicate with each other and inform JoinIvy about their Buddy group. In case of emergency, a Teacher may coordinate with his / her Buddy Teacher(s) to step in on his / her behalf and take the lesson. This option should be used sparingly and JoinIvy needs to be informed of this in advance.

3.2. Teachers are required to have lesson plans and content for up to next 2 sessions in their library so that a Buddy Teacher or another substitute Teacher may refer to them, to ensure student’s learning continuity.

3.3. In case a Teacher needs to take leave from the previously conveyed schedule, he / she needs to inform JoinIvy 48 hours in advance. A Teacher make take up to 2 leaves in a month. If due to some emergency, longer leave is required, Teacher should inform JoinIvy at least 1 week in advance.

3.4. In case of emergency, a teacher may reschedule a lesson by coordinating and obtaining consent from the student / parent. This should be done at least 24 hours in advance. This may be for another time slot during the same day or for another day. The Teacher is responsible for notifying JoinIvy and updating the revised lesson schedule online. The Teacher is also responsible for informing JoinIvy the reason for rescheduling, which should be reasonable and satisfactory. Obviously, rescheduling a class from Teacher side is avoidable and should be resorted to in case of extreme emergency. In case of repeated rescheduling or unreasonable reasons JoinIvy may be constrained to take disciplinary action, including cancelling Teacher’s enrolment with JoinIvy.

3.5. A student / parent may also request rescheduling a lesson by co-ordinating with the Teacher. This should be done at least 24 hours in advance. Only 2 such rescheduling per month are allowed to student to ensure discipline.

3.6. Full fee is charged if a student does not appear as per the lesson schedule, and also if lesson rescheduling is requested with less 24 hours notice.

4. Lesson Content and Student Progress

JoinIvy strongly believes that excellent and engaging content is key to a student’s motivation and academic progress.

4.1. JoinIvy will facilitate content creation for each lesson through training and supply of supporting resources. Teacher is responsible for preparing and adapting information into a teaching module suited for online teaching on JoinIvy technology platform.

4.2. Teacher is responsible for tracking progress of their student(s), using the reward system and discussing a progress report with student / parent after every 10 lessons, or at a suitable frequency as decided by JoinIvy or the Teacher.

4.3. JoinIvy may drop into a lesson from time to time and request for a meeting with the Teacher to understand their planned academic journey for their student(s).

5. Technical Issues

JoinIvy uses advanced technology for its online teaching platform, that requires proper handing by the users.

5.1. Teacher is required to ensure that his / her computer, browser and Internet speed is in line with the ‘User Technology Requirement Document’ shared with him / her.

5.2. Teacher is responsible to ensure that there is no electricity or technical problems from her / his side. She / he is responsible if a lesson, ether fully or partially, is missed due to such an issue. In case of any unforeseen event, Teacher should inform JoinIvy and Student / Parent immediately to reschedule the lesson.

5.3. In case of an ongoing technical issue, Teacher will inform JoinIvy to arrange a substitute teacher as per the terms mentioned in section 1.4.

5.4. In case a technical issue at Student’s side affects conducting a lesson, the student is required to inform JoinIvy well in advance. His / her rescheduling request is governed by the terms mentioned in section 1.4.

6. Change of Teacher

Proper student-teacher fit is important for a healthy learning environment.

6.1. If Teacher is unhappy with persistent unruly behaviour or learning progress of a particular Student, she / he may contact JoinIvy. JoinIvy will review the request thoroughly and take a decision as appropriate, which may involve, but not limited to: consultation with Student / Parent requesting change of behaviour, matching the student to another Teacher, terminating relationship with the Student.

7. Teacher Payment

Good teachers should be suitably rewarded for their efforts.

7.1. JoinIvy collects fee from the Student for lessons given. JoinIvy decides the amount of fee based on various factors such as, but not limited to, subject, grade, number of lessons in a month, number of students in a lesson, etc.

7.2. JoinIvy keeps a percentage of the fee collected and pay the net amount to Teacher. The percentage is decided by JoinIvy and conveyed to Teacher in advance. JoinIvy will inform the Teacher at least 1 month in advance in case it decides to change the percentage.

7.3. Student(s) may be given some free lessons at the start of their relationship with JoinIvy for marketing, etc. purpose. Teacher will be paid by JoinIvy for such lessons, an amount as informed by JoinIvy in advance.

7.4. JoinIvy may agree to pay a Teacher a minimum guaranteed amount per month. If JoinIvy schedules fewer lessons than the number of lessons the Teacher is willing to give and the net amount payable to the Teacher from the lessons given by her / him is less than the minimum guaranteed amount, JoinIvy will still pay the minimum guaranteed amount to the Teacher.

7.5. Payment to Teacher will be made on monthly basis, at the end of the month by crediting her / his bank account. Teacher will be given complete details of the amount and its calculation by JoinIvy including, but not limited to, number of lessons taken, etc.

8. Referral System

Good word-of-mouth is an effective way to spread awareness of and growth of good proposition.

8.1. For the purpose of on-boarding Teachers and Students, JoinIvy may announce a referral scheme. If a Teacher makes referral, she / he will be entitled to referral incentive as per the scheme mechanics. To be eligible for the incentive, Teacher making the referral and the Teacher / Student referred by her / him will be required to provide the referral information as required by JoinIvy.

9. Privacy Policy

User privacy and data security is critical.

9.1. JoinIvy respects Teacher privacy and is committed to handle all Teacher related private information, including bank account information, with utmost professionalism.

10. Code of Conduct

Mutually respectful behaviour and proper language is a prerequisite for a healthy learning environment.

10.1. Language during the lessons: Use of disruptive behaviour, derogatory or abusive language, use of slangs is prohibited for all parties (Teachers, Students or Parents) during the sessions. If a Student or Parent indulges in such behaviour or language during the lesson, the Teacher should give a polite, yet firm warning. Teacher may cancel the class in case the behaviour continues. Sessions are recorded and will be used by JoinIvy in case it is notified of any matter of such nature.

10.2. Teacher agrees not to exchange any personal contact details with any Student / Parent for the purpose of conducting lessons away from JoinIvy platform. This includes Skype (or other online chat) username, telephone number, email address, home address or Facebook (or other social networking account) username. If any such event comes to JoinIvy’s knowledge, it will take suitable disciplinary action including, but not limited to, blocking Teacher access to JoinIvy platform and removing the Teacher from its platform.

10.3. Teacher agrees not to attempt to, or to actually, contact any Student / Parent other than through JoinIvy or other media permitted for some specific purpose like rescheduling a class.

10.4. Teacher agrees not to exchange information such as bank account, PayPal or card details with any Student / Parent (or his parent or guardian). Teacher acknowledges that it constitutes a material breach of these Terms of Service to attempt to circumvent JoinIvy platform by trying to receive or receiving payment outside its platform.

11. Applicable Laws

11.1. These Terms and Conditions are applied and enforced in accordance with the laws of Arab Republic of Egypt.

11.2. If a part of this document cannot be enforced, or is waived, due to some reason, the remainder of the document continue to remain enforceable.

11.3. These Terms and Conditions can be amended by JoinIvy at its absolute sole discretion at any time without prior notice to the users.