Terms and Conditions for Students

These Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between JoinIvy Training and Technology Ltd and the Students, and their Parents, who register at JoinIvy.com platform.

Definitions :

JoinIvy Training and Technology Ltd (henceforth called “JoinIvy”),a limited liability company registered in Egypt, has established an online teaching (also called tuition) platform. This platform enables Students to learn in real-time from Teachers over the Internet. JoinIvy has established an internet Site for the purpose: www.joinivy.com (also www.joinivy.me).

Students and Teachers enrol into JoinIvy platform using online registration form on the Site.

Students are users who learn on JoinIvy platform from Teachers. Parents are Students’ parents or adult guardians. In these Terms and Conditions they are referred to sometimes as “Students” or as “Students and Parents”, in either case it is understood that these terms and conditions are applicable to, and are to be adhered by, person(s) of legal age.

The roles and responsibilities of Students and / or their Parents and JoinIvy towards this agreement are governed by the Terms and Conditions as detailed below.

1. Student Registration on JoinIvy

JoinIvy is committed to providing excellent learning environment.

1.1. Students can register on JoinIvy by themselves if they are 18 years of age of older, else they should be registered by their parents or adult guardians. A Student’s registration or access to Site is at complete discretion of JoinIvy. JoinIvy may disallow any user from using its Site, without giving any reason.

1.2. Registration is free, but enrolling in a course requires payment. Student and Parents are responsible for making the due payment in a timely manner, else the Student may be disallowed to continue the course.

1.3. JoinIvy provides training material on its Site informing users on how to use the technology. It’s Student’s responsibility to learn how to use the technology. In case of any issues, they should inform JoinIvy, and JoinIvy will take further measures to ensure their understanding.

1.4. JoinIvy is committed to provide a safe and secure environment for both Teachers and Students. JoinIvy has create a pool of Teachers to teach on its platform. Teachers are selected through a rigorous selection process. If a Student has any issue with a particular Teacher, he / she should inform JoinIvy, accordingly JoinIvy will investigate the matter and take appropriate corrective action, which may involve termination of Teacher’s relationship with JoinIvy. Beyond this, JoinIvy is not legally responsible for Teacher’s behaviour.

2. Scheduling and Participating in Online Classes

JoinIvy is committed to provide a smooth learning experience to the Student, which requires utmost punctuality and commitment from Students and Teachers.

2.1. JoinIvy offers two types of courses: courses with flexible schedule and courses with fixed schedule. Flexible schedule courses’ timings and frequency is set broadline in line with Student’s preference within the constraints of Teacher availability. Fixed schedule course has pre-set and informed in advance schedule, which cannot be altered for a particular Student.

2.2. While enrolling for a flexible schedule course a Student is required to indicate his / her preferred lesson timings to JoinIvy: day(s) of the week and time of day when he / she would like to take the lesson on JoinIvy, and also preferred lesson duration.

2.3. Based on various parameters, including the Student preference and the availability schedule of the Teachers, JoinIvy matches Students with Teachers. Accordingly, Students are notified about their lesson schedule. This notification is available on JoinIvy Student Dashboard and may be sent over email to the Student. Student is responsible to check timings of his / her scheduled classes and adhere to it punctually.

2.4. Student is required to participate in the online class as per the notified schedule. They should login into the Site at least 5 minutes before the scheduled class to avoid wasting time.

2.5. Based on Student preference, the lesson duration is decided by JoinIvy and conveyed to both Teachers and Students well in advance. If a Teacher thinks that a particular lesson needs to be extended by a few minutes, he/she could do so. If a Teacher thinks that a particular student needs longer than typical class duration on a regular basis, JoinIvy will coordinate with the Students and / or their Parents to accordingly re-arrange the schedule and fee for future lessons.

2.6. The class should only be taken by the Student who has enrolled in the class. His / her Parent may supervise the class by sitting next to the Student while it is being conducted. No other person should participate in the class in an unauthorised manner.

3. Student Absence, Rescheduling Class, Class Cancellation

JoinIvy Students are expected to be sincere about adhering to their time commitment, and ensuring zero disruption to scheduled classes.

3.1. If a Student does not take a scheduled lesson, without any prior notification to JoinIvy, standard lesson fee is still deducted.

3.2. If a Student is late for a lesson, the lesson time will be shorted as per the pre-set schedule, and the standard lesson fee is still deducted.

3.3. A Student may request for rescheduling a flexible schedule lesson by giving advance notice of 24 hours. JoinIvy will try on best efforts basis to reschedule the class as per Student’s preference. A Student may request for up to 2 rescheduling requests in a month to ensure discipline. One rescheduling request may contain one or more lessons (for rare situations such as Student is travelling or not well, etc.). A Student may request rescheduling a lesson by co-ordinating with the Teacher or with JoinIvy. If rescheduling request is received within 24 hours of the lesson, full fee will be charged.

3.4. JoinIvy endeavours to ensure punctual scheduling of classes, however in case of emergency, a Teacher may reschedule a lesson by coordinating and obtaining consent, in advance, from the Student. This may be for another time slot during the same day or for another day. The revised lesson schedule is accordingly notified to the Student.

3.5. In rare situations, if a class is cancelled JoinIvy will notify the Student on best efforts basis. At rare occasions, due to unforeseen circumstances, the notification may not be provided. In any case, JoinIvy will provide a replacement class to the Student or refund the fee, as appropriate.

3.6. To ensure Student’s learning continuity, JoinIvy endeavours to ensure that a Student is taught by the same Teacher in all lessons. However, in case of a particular Teacher’s unavailability due to leave, etc. JoinIvy may replace the Teacher for a Student.

3.7. In consideration of other students, no cancellation or rescheduling request from the Student can be accepted for fixed schedule classes. In case of cancellation or rescheduling from JoinIvy, Student will be appropriately informed and replacement class will be scheduled, as mentioned in clause 3.5.

3.8. For the convenience of the Students and Parents, session recording is available for up to 14 days after the class.

4. Lesson Content and Student Progress

JoinIvy strongly believes that excellent and engaging content is key to a student’s motivation and academic progress.

4.1. To ensure proper learning of the Students, JoinIvy teachers use high quality content. Student is responsible for remaining engaged in the lessons, and completing and submitting assignments in a timely manner as requested by the Teacher.

4.2. JoinIvy Teachers track the progress of their student(s), and share the same with Students and / or their Parents at a suitable frequency.

4.3. The learning material used on JoinIvy may be protected by copyrights and intellectual property rights, as such a Student cannot share the material with any other person, not authorised by JoinIvy.

5. Technical Issues

JoinIvy uses advanced technology for its online teaching platform, that requires proper handing by the users.

5.1. Using the Site properly requires computer with a browser and good Internet connection. Technical requirements from user side are provided on the Site. Student is required to ensure that his / her computer, browser and Internet speed is in line with the ‘User Technology Requirement Document’ provided on the Site.

5.2. Student is responsible to ensure that there is no electricity or technical problems from her / his side. In case of any unforeseen event, if a lesson, ether fully or partially, is missed due to such an issue, the Student should inform JoinIvy and Teacher immediately, accordingly the lesson may be rescheduled.

6. Change of Teacher

Proper Student-Teacher fit is important for a healthy learning environment.

6.1. If Student and / or his / her Parent is unhappy with a particular Teacher, she / he may contact JoinIvy. JoinIvy will review the request thoroughly and take a corrective action as appropriate, which may involve, but not limited to: consultation with Teacher requesting change of behaviour and teaching style, matching the student to another Teacher, etc.

7. Fee Payment

Good teachers should be suitably rewarded for their efforts.

7.1. JoinIvy collects fee from the Student for the lessons in advance. JoinIvy decides the amount of fee based on various factors such as, but not limited to, subject, grade, number of lessons in a month, number of students in a lesson, etc.

7.2. Student and / or his / her Parent has to pay the fee in a timely manner using the payment mechanism provided by JoinIvy to avoid any disruption / discontinuation of lessons.

7.3. At JoinIvy’s absolute discretion, Student(s) may be given some free lesson(s) at the start of their relationship with JoinIvy.

7.4. If Student is not satisfied with the lesson, he / she should inform JoinIvy immediately after the lesson. After investigation the case, JoinIvy may take appropriate corrective action, including but not limited to, providing a free replacement lesson or refunding the lesson fee.

7.5. If, after paying the fee, a Student wants to de-register from a course and / or not take the remaining lessons, he / she should notify JoinIvy at least 1 week in advance, accordingly the fee for the remaining / not taken lessons will be refunded to Student.

7.6. All fees are to be paid to JoinIvy or its authorised representative.

7.7. Financial information, such as data related to your payment method (e.g. card number, expiration date, etc.) that we may collect when you register is stored according to international best practises and JoinIvy takes all appropriate measures to ensure security of the same. In case of a data breach, beyond JoinIvy’s control, we are not responsible for any financial losses that may be caused to the user, due to their negligence or otherwise.

8. Referral System

Good word-of-mouth is an effective way to spread awareness of and growth of good proposition.

8.1. For the purpose of on-boarding Students, JoinIvy may announce a referral scheme. If a Student makes a referral, she / he will be entitled to referral incentive as per the scheme mechanics. To be eligible for the incentive, Student making the referral and the Student referred by her / him will be required to provide the referral information as required on the Site.

9. Privacy Policy

User privacy and data security is critical.

9.1. JoinIvy respects Student privacy and is committed to handle all Student related private information, including payment information, with utmost professionalism.

10. Code of Conduct

Mutually respectful behaviour and proper language is a prerequisite for a healthy learning environment.

10.1. Language during the lessons: Use of disruptive behaviour, derogatory or abusive language, use of slangs is prohibited for all parties (Teachers, Students or Parents) during the sessions. If a Student or Parent indulges in such behaviour or language during the lesson, the Teacher may give a polite, yet firm warning. Teacher may cancel the class in case the behaviour continues. Similarly if there is perceived misbehaviour on the Teacher’s part, the Student and / or his / her Parent should immediately notify JoinIvy of the matter. On receiving such notifications from any party, JoinIvy will investigate the matter and take appropriate corrective action. Sessions are recorded and will be used by JoinIvy in case it is notified of any matter of such nature.

10.2. Student and Teacher agree not to exchange any personal details with each other for the purpose of conducting lessons away from JoinIvy platform or for any other purpose. This includes Skype (or other online chat) username, telephone number, email address, home address or Facebook (or other social networking account) username, payment details. If any such event comes to JoinIvy’s knowledge, it will take suitable disciplinary action including, but not limited to, blocking Student and / or Teacher access to JoinIvy platform.

10.3. In case of a conflict between Student and Teacher, JoinIvy will try, on best efforts basis, to resolve the conflict as necessary and appropriate, but will not hold any responsibility for the actions of any party. JoinIvy holds no legal liability for issues and disputes which may arise among parties.

11. Applicable Laws

11.1. These Terms and Conditions are applied and enforced in accordance with the laws of Arab Republic of Egypt.

11.2. If a part of this document cannot be enforced, or is waived, due to some reason, the remainder of the document continue to remain enforceable.

11.3. These Terms and Conditions can be amended by JoinIvy at its absolute sole discretion at any time without prior notice to the users.